Our dog accommodations feature large, 16-foot indoor/outdoor runs. The inside is heated, and unlike chain link interiors, our unique housing provides a very private and quiet resting place away from the other dogs. Our Feline guests are housed in cat condos.


Want your dog to be more obedient? Does your dog pull on the leash?  Bitterroot Kennels offers board and train programs to help assist you with all aspects of dog obedience. For more information please visit


Like to bring home a fresh, clean pet?  We offer departure baths and nail trimmings.  It’s like taking your pet to the spa for the day.  Be sure to book them today, they deserve it.

Welcome to Bitterroot Kennels & 8-Paws Pet Shop

In addition to the clean, safe and relaxing environment here at Bitterroot Kennels, we also provide your special pets a quiet, homey residence with lots of human interaction – just like at home! They aren’t dogs or cats, or its, or hey you’s. Each pet has a name and that’s just what we call them.
We feed a nutritionally balanced premium pet food, which is always a favorite with our 4-legged guests. As an extra treat, dog’s are fed a special hot meal. Owners are welcome to bring their own food in order to maintain a consistent diet or for those pets with allergy problems.

To help make your loved one’s stay that much more pleasurable, we also provide bedding, bones, and toys for your pets. However, if you prefer, you are welcome to bring your own or purchase items from our 8-Paws Pet Shop.

Soothing music is played 24 hours a day throughout our kennel facility. So rest assured your dog will be in a comfortable, clean environment.

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